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Facts and Figures

3,169 Mio €
Employees 2016
(at year-end)
38.173 Mio €

“2016 was a transitional year. The impact on our balance sheet marks a turning point and clears E.ON’s way into the new energy world. It enables us to focus all our energy on our three core businesses: energy networks, customer solutions, and renewables.“

Dr. Johannes Teyssen, CEO

The new E.ON: Strategy and Objectives

The new E.ON: Strategy and Objectives

Adopted in 2014, E.ON’s strategy focuses our company systematically on the new energy world of empowered and proactive customers, renewables and distributed energy, energy efficiency, local energy systems, and digital solutions. By seizing this initiative, E.ON can – for the benefit of our customers, employees, business partners, shareholders, and society in general – take advantage of the significant opportunities created by the emergence of the new energy world.

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Sustainable Energy Production

The new energy world also includes even more environmentally friendly electricity production. In the last ten years, we have invested more than ten billion Euros into renewable energy production.

Currently we have 5.3 Gigawatts of renewable power in operation, with 4.6 Gigawatts from our own assets. With that, we belong to the largest producers of renewable energy in Europe and North America.